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Need a helping hand around the house? We know how nerve-wracking it can be to have a stranger come in and touch your things. What if they don’t do a good job and you have to clean up after them

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There's nothing more important than AC service in Dubai, especially during the summer months. Whether your AC is making a noise or not cooling your room properly,

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TV mounting services in ABU Dhabi

Al Reham Cleaning offers you professional TV mounting services in Abu Dhabi. Through a network of hundreds of professional TV installation companies that are part of our network, we can ensure that your TV is mounted on the wall.


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Our Detail-Clean Rotation System Services You Can Trust We at The Al Reham Cleaning Services use our Professional House Cleaning Checklist to ensure that nothing is missed when your home is thoroughly cleaned. This system ensures your home gets the level of clean it needs at the right frequency.

Tile walls, bathtubs, and showers cleaned and sanitized

Shower doors cleaned and sanitized

Vanity and sink cleaned and sanitized

Mirrors and chrome fixtures cleaned and shined

Floors cleaned/carpets vacuumed

Toilets thoroughly cleaned

Doors and door frames spot cleaned

General dusting

Washed window sills, ledges and curtains.

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We use natural and eco-friendly cleaning products and have a customer satisfaction guarantee

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Our cleaning crews are professionally trained, and if you’re ever unhappy with any area we’ve cleaned, we’ll return the next day and reclean it.

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We’ll give an immediate price quote so you can enjoy your time rather than worry about the mess.

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At The Al Reham Cleaning Services, we are fully bonded and insured, meaning you can have peace of mind when we enter your home.

Our Passion for the Environment

We as a company are committed to using cleaning products that are environmentally responsible, sustainable, and safe for the Earth.

Our Cleaning Services

We use natural and eco-friendly cleaning products and have a customer satisfaction guarantee.


Our General Maintenance

We are here to help people live or work in extremely comfortable and beautiful rooms. We, El Reham Cleaning, have chosen only the best experts from Building Maintenance and Cleaning and Interior Designers to make our work flawless. We are your general care, cleaning and interior decoration, purpose home or work place.


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Alreham Cleaning Services is an online marketplace that provides quotes and online bookings for Home Services, and General Maintenance through an extensive network of more than 200 partners.

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It was a very perfect job and the payment to go through online. The maids they knew what to do without asking too many questions just show them the cleaning stuff. They are quite you don’t hear they are talking. I like what they did to the bed sheets and I send it to my friends to 3 countries abroad they clean everywhere up and under. Really I recommend them to anyone who wants their house to be super clean. Thanks

Jack Montes

I really like their work, they are professional and really fast in their work, I will certainly deal with them again, thank you ❤️

Renata Martis

Hi i want just to say thank you thank you so of much for this company .. yesterday the service it was more than excellent thanx a-lot for both ladies who came into my apartment .. they helped me a lot and they finish all the cleaning areas the hall with balcony and 3 washrooms and 1 bedroom in 3 hours mashallah they were fast and friendly.. I like them both .. inshallah, again and again, I will book only from your company for next time.

Jhon Kwick

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We are here to help people live or work in extremely comfortable and beautiful rooms.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

AC Maintenance Services

AC Maintenance Services

There's nothing more important than AC service in  Abu Dhabi, especially during the summer months. Whether your AC is making a noise or not cooling your room properly, Service Market features all the best AC maintenance services to help you with the problem you’re facing. From AC cleaning to professional installation of all types of units, we offer a variety of AC maintenance services for you to choose from. Alreham Maintenance Services has made it easier than ever before to book an AC service online.

Types of AC services in  Abu Dhabi on offer

When you book an appointment with one of the many professional AC service companies in  Abu Dhabi we partner with, you can avail services such as AC repair, cleaning, installation, and duct cleaning. Alreham Maintenance Services only partners with licensed AC services, so you can look forward to an easy booking, a professional attitude, and impeccable services.

It’s Your Lifeline

We all know  Abu Dhabi’s scorching heat can make it unbearable with air conditioning. If you don’t maintain your AC, it won’t cool your room properly and can even break down. Avoid having to go a day without your AC by keeping up with the maintenance of your units. It’s recommended that you should get your AC serviced at least twice a year. Book an AC maintenance service through Alreham Maintenance Services now to beat the heat.

It’s Your Lifeline
Common Issues to Watch Out for

There are a lot of common problems you should keep an eye out for. If you notice any type of smell when you turn on your AC, it is time to have it looked at. On top of that, if your AC is leaking, making weird noises, or not cooling, you should book an AC maintenance service in  Abu Dhabi as soon as possible. Find the best licensed and accredited AC services in  Abu Dhabi on Alreham Maintenance Services.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Annual Maintenance Contract

Did you realize that as opposed to recruiting a jack of all trades continuously everytime something separates, you can take out a yearly support agreement to cover an assortment of fix and upkeep assignments in your home? You can likewise set aside a great deal of cash over the long haul by pursuing a yearly upkeep contract through Alreham Cleaning Services. They cover all essential administrations such was plumbing, AC adjusting and electrical functions just as ordinary investigations. Alreham Cleaning Services permits you to pick the an appropriate yearly support contract that coordinates with your definite prerequisites and financial plan. 

Have some peace of mind

Property holders know at this point that anticipation is better compared to fixing. At the point when your apparatuses are generally working at 100%, that is the point at which you need to reach out to a support organization in Abu Dhabi through Alreham Cleaning Services. You should guarantee all that stays running and you don't end up with expensive fix bills when something separates. Supplanting or fixing an article without an agreement with a support organization will slow the interaction and cost you extra. 

Services that are included

As a component of your yearly support contract, a certified jack of all trades in Abu Dhabi will be ship off your home to play out various administrations at whatever point the need emerges. From supplanting the batteries in your smoke alarm, really taking a look at your sinks for spills, investigating floors and rooftops, and cleaning light installations, there's nothing too huge or little. On the off chance that you start a yearly agreement with a support organization in Abu Dhabi through Alreham Cleaning Services, you'll be liberated from the weight to beware of everything yourself. 

Services that are included

Handyman by the hour vs annual maintenance contract

In case you're living in a  Street or a  manor, odds are you need a yearly upkeep contract in Abu Dhabi, which you can undoubtedly discover through Alreham Cleaning Services. For an overall thought of the value contrasts, you'll be paying between AED 3000 and 6000 for limitless adjusting and upkeep, while recruiting a jack of all trades each hour will cost 150 - 250 AED, which can add up rapidly inside a year.


 Electrical repair and installation

We specialize in all aspects of household and commercial electrical services, including emergency electrical repairs, electrical maintenance and electrical installations.

We provide our customers with affordable prices and industry-leading electrical maintenance, repair and installation services, through a dedicated team of certified electricians and a service-oriented delivery model.

Our electrical contractor prices are cheap simply because we don't believe in "one size fits all" price or service solutions. We cater to customers of all sizes, from small organizations to large private and public sector companies. When it comes to providing our pricing, we always look far away from the first job because our primary goal is to build a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship with all our customers.


The problem with DIY

Electrical work ought to just be completed by authorized circuit testers in Abu Dhabi. It's one of a handful of the things that you ought to never endeavor yourself. In addition to the fact that it is risky, you may wind up raising the issue. Electrical circuits are extremely precarious and can shift from one structure to another. The homegrown electrical experts in Abu Dhabi you recruit through Alreham Cleaning Services will have the appropriate instruments and skill to deal with any work. 

We have licensed professionals

Whatever electrical occupation you need done, Alreham Cleaning Services makes certain to have the best electrical organizations in Abu Dhabi for it. All circuit repairmen are checked, authorized, evaluated and trusted to hold fast to the best expectations. Did you realize broken wiring can even reason fires? That is the reason it's in every case better to employ an authorized proficient to deal with undertakings like introducing light apparatuses, investigating outlets, fixing hardware and machines, and general examination of wiring. 

We have licensed professionals
Do your research

Regardless of whether you need a huge scope task finished for a business building or simply a little wiring position in your home, there are different circuit tester administrations accessible in Abu Dhabi. Administration Market can assist you with tracking down the most reasonable circuit repairman. You can even understand surveys and contrast evaluations with settle on an educated choice. Make certain to see if they practice homegrown or business electrical work.

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